1. Everything is sold out, are you going to restock? 

NO. I am a commissioned based CUSTOM shoe artist so majority of what I do is made to order. However, I do have art collection drops that feature 1 of 1 designs that can't be worn. These pieces are more so viewed as art.

2. Why do you have shop now if you do not have shoes ready to ship?

To showcase some of the work I have done for customers and to give an idea of what can be done. Also for reference as far as price for a design you may like. If you see a pair that you like that are "Sold Out" I can make something similar not exact. 

3. Does the paint come off?

No, the shoes are properly prepped and the paint used is made for leather products. Shoes can be worn but we do recommend casual wear, it is art and paint can scuff so wear at your own risk.

4. Can the shoes get wet?


5. How long does it take?

Turn around time is currently 12 weeks.  Varies depending on workload and how many customs  I have to do before yours. When possible I do offer rush orders.

6. What kind of shoe does it have to be?

I can work on any shoe that is leather or canvas.

7. How is the total price of the shoe determined?

Total price includes: cost of the shoe, design concept, time and labor, plus shipping.

8. Do you require a deposit? 

Yes. Deposit is determined by the total price.

9. Is there a return policy?

Since products are custom painted all sales are final.