Custom Request Form

Please read and follow the instructions below.

1. I am a commissioned based artist, all of my work is an original 1 of 1 and I will not duplicate them. I can make something similar not exact. 


2Similar to a tattoo artist, my prices vary depending on difficulty, detail, design, time and any extras you may want e.g. custom shoe box, custom leather themed swoosh, etc. For those focused on a price for customs, most of my work typically begins at $500 plus the cost of the shoes. This is a basic character design, logos, themes etc. More complex character designs and more then 2-3 characters normally start at $1250 plus the cost of the shoes. I pay retail/resell value for the base shoe. I can purchase the shoes or you can ship them to me. If I purchase the shoes, I add the cost to the total. Therefore, the total price varies depending on the price of the shoes you want the work on. I take pride in the quality of my artwork and it is a standard no matter the price. 

3. Turn around time is normally 12 weeks for most orders.  Some orders may be completed in less time. You are paying for a customization service. Rush orders may be a possibility, for a fee, please inquire first. 

4. After I receive your request, I will reach out for a one-on-one consultation to discuss design concept and budget. There will be a required deposit based on the cost of the work.